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The obvious choice for your next New Saw

Are you getting what you pay for in a new saw? Seneca Saw Works gives you something extra with every saw we sell! Along with the standard guarantee. You get my personal assurance that these saws will perform properly on your mill.

We finish the Seneca Saw Works saw to exacting specifications and close tolerances which exceed industry standards. Let us take the bite out of buying a new saw.

Seneca Saw Works is the one-stop source for all your lumbering needs. We offer a complete line of sales and services.

Learn more about our Sawmiller's Guide to Troubleshooting

Welcome to Seneca Saw Works, Burdett, NY, Saw Sales, Service, Troubleshooting, The obvious choice for your next New Saw

The Saw Doctor examining a saw

We offer mill alignment and troubleshooting seminars and training in the field of saw hammering

? Complete line of Headrig and Carbide Saws
? Chipper and Planer Knives
? Saw maintenance tools and Equipment
? Mill Alignment Systems
? Other Mill Supplies
? Troubleshooting
? Consulting
? Saw Hammering
? Saw Welding
? Carbide Grinding
? Planer Knife Grinding


CLICK HERE for Saw Hammering Video

Sawmill Troubleshooting , Consulting, and Training

Having trouble with your sawmill? Looking to improve productivity?

Let one of the sawmill experts from Seneca Saw Works pay a visit to your sawmill for on site Troubleshooting, Consulting, or Training. All costs explained up front with no hidden fees.

Seneca Saw Works has the capability to come to your mill anywhere in the world for an on site evaluation, consultation, troubleshooting, or training session. The experts at Seneca Saw Works are the final word in finding viable solutions for any of your Sawmill related problems.

Call or email now to get a firm price quote with no hidden or additional fees. click here to send email

Sawmill Troubleshooting Video

Click here for Sawmill Troubleshooting Video

Circular Saw Hammering Video

Click Here for Circular Saw Hammering Video

Saw Hammering Short Course

Are you or one of your employees ready to learn the trade of Saw Hammering?

Now is your chance.

Seneca Saw Works is offering a complete, hands on Saw Hammering course for those who are willing to learn.

This is a complete saw hammering course that covers every thing you will need to know to become a qualified Saw Doctor. It is a one on one, hands on course that will give you all of the personal attention that you would want and probably some that you wouldn't want. It is an intensive one week course, although different courses can be tailored to the needs of the individual. Most trainees take it as a one week full time course. Others have taken it one day a week for five weeks while others choose to do it in three days or two weeks. It all depends on your previous experience and what you hope to get out of the Saw Tensioning Short Course.

Your options are:

?Saw Hammering, using a hammer.
?Saw Hammering using a hammer and a stretcher roll.
?Small diameter saw hammering only.
?Small and large diameter saw hammering.
?Saw Welding.
?Carbide saw repair and sharpening.
?Carbide tipping.
?Sawmill troubleshooting.
?Any combination of the above that meets your individual needs.
?Advanced saw hammering for those already working in the trade who want to enhance or upgrade their skills

Course charges are on a per diam basis, call or email for a price quote.
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Clich here for Saw Hammering video

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